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A camera is precious equipment which will give you good service for a long time, if you maintain it properly. Some basic guidelines are given and you are advised to follow them...

Cameras and lenses are extremely sensitive to moisture, dust and fungus in our atmosphere and it is very essential to maintain it properly...

Tripods are the best equipment available for a photographer to reduce or even completely eliminate camera shakes. There are many varieties available in market which may lead to confusion in buying the right one...

About Photography

Photograph helps the world to know about History. Due to scientific discoveries beginning from Greek and Roman culture, ancient drawings and pictures, and in the later period photography has developed. Hence we should know about its birth which in turn helps us to know many things...

Technical Tour

Cameras are now broadly classified into 2 categories

  • Film Camera or Single Lens Reflection Camera (SLR)
  • Digital Camera or Digital Single Lens Reflection Camera (DSLR)

Choosing the right lens is always essential before shooting any subject. There are lots of possibilities that the lens you are buying may not match with your camera...

Welcome to photopointtech.com, a site with varieties of photos such as monochrome, silhoutte, landscape, pictorial, nature, animals, birds, insects and traditional art along with information on photographic equipments and techniques.

  • As a viewer one can view photo gallery on various above sections.
  • As a beginner one can learn the art of photography.
  • As an enthusiast one can upload their photographs along with description technical as well as experience while taking the photo.
  • As a professional one can share their knowledge and experiences.

In general this is a platform to bring in the best among individuals and contributions in terms of photos, experiences, knowledge, equipment information and technical information will be highly appreciated.

" The photographer's most important task is not learning to manage his camera or to develop or the print. It is learning to see photographically." - Edward Weston.

To exhibit your talent and creation please mail us to article@photopointtech.com

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